Belső útkeresésem fizikai manifesztációja: EVS Szovátán

The physical manifestation of searching my way: EVS at Sovata


It's really hard for me to remember what happened in December since I'm not really able to recall my memories about yesterday neither XD But thanks God, I have a better calendar than my memory.

So, let's see…

Aww yes! On the first days of December, we had nice a


It has started with a half-day workshop about communication and system based counselling and in the next 1,5 days, we continued with a great Graphic Facilitation course with Nóra Schäfer ( Budapest. We have learned how to draw recognizable and decorative figures easily with some tricks and practised how to summerise a text in a picture. After these, we had a Christmas dinner with all the instructors and assistants and other staffs from OB at Kicsi gomba restaurant (, besides the Bear Lake. That place was adorable as always, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere as well. After the fantastic Mákos Guba dessert (with poppy seeds and vanilla sauce), we grabbed some extra beer from the petrol station on our way back to the Center and made a small house party with music and dancing. It was a nice opportunity to see our colleagues out of the frame, of the role of ’fellow worker’, and see them as a human being.

Ont he last day, we had a short evaluation of the year 2018 and had a monument investiture with many guests in memoriam of Fodor Imre - the founder of Outward Bound Romania. After the ceremony had a big lunch with the guests and closed the weekend. I remember I felt happy but super tired at the end.

THE NEXT TWO WEEKS what we spent in Sovata before the Christmas Holiday were much more boring than this intensive weekend. The Center was empty, only the cleaning staff, Jani the maintenance and the 4 of us were there: Réka, Anna, Marie and me. We have worked a lot, painted the whole Youth Center with Marie and Anna. Yes. The whole building. The ceiling as well. Okay, it was not necessary everywhere – but mostly yes...

I need to admit that in the beginning, it was hard for me to stand my own self, not the others or the work that I was hating with all my cells. After a few days, I have realized that with this mindset these two weeks will be everlasting long, and the poor others will hate me at the end, so I started to figure it out what I can learn from this situation to survive somehow. I understood that I am extremely impatient, and this is the base of my irritable mood. Not only in this situation, but generally in my life. When I can not see the results of my work immediately, because there’s a lot to do, or because of the type of the work, I'm losing all the motivation to continue, and feel the work extremely tiring and boring. To change this, I tried to accept that this is a long and slow work, with only a few reward points, and after this has worked out well, it was easier to survive the task.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS I spent 2 weeks at home in Budapest while I had the opportunity to see my family and almost all my friends. In the beginning, I haven't felt myself in the right place. I felt my life is here now in Sovata, and I hardly have anything to do there. But in the end, I really enjoyed to eat all the food we only making at this time, and of course it was hard to come back. And felt myself totally lonely on New Year's Eve, but that story is funny enough to start January with it…

EVS at Sovata

Hi, im Viki from Hungary. Doing my EVS for a year in Sovata, Transylvania, and these are my adventures.