Belső útkeresésem fizikai manifesztációja: EVS Szovátán

The physical manifestation of searching my way: EVS at Sovata

Sweet November

Thanks God, sweet November was luckily much sweeter than o(u)c(h)tober ( Let's go through the calendar!

1rst of November: Marie is coming.

Need to admit, for the first time I was not the happiest about the idea of my new flatmate. I have just found myself here, set my home, started to feel a little bit more stable and the next challenge was already on her way... But on the other hand, I imagined that this could be fun to share all the experiences with someone who really knows what I'm talking about, and if I was thinking about it in a long run, I felt it would be less depressive as well. On the big day, I cleaned the flat, made a little order, covered her ugly desk with some pink wrapping paper and made the bed for her to make her arrival as well as the first impression a bit homier. And when she arrived I felt so glad, cause she was smiling, was nice and easy going, and seemed that she didn't felt our flat that strange or uncomfortable as I did for the first time.

Quick visit home

In spite of I was satisfied and happy about my 24 years old beautiful, calm (!) and smart German flatmate, two days later I went home for Bátor Tábor. It is a camp for chronically ill children, based on adventure therapy, and I am a volunteer there too.
In those few days that I have spent in Budapest before the Camp, I met my grandparents and friends. Had a nice Halloween party, a breakfast out, some coffees, beers and site seeing time. It was lovely to return to the place where I was kinda running from and smell the unique „scent” of this rushing city.

Romania again

I would have said Sovata, but I have spent most of the week in Târgu Mures and a week after in Bucharest. On the day of my arrival, we have done some to-dos in TM and after watched Queen in the cinema. At the end of the week, I was doing some volunteer job for two days at a conference (also in TM) which I was interested in, so I could have participated for free (yeey thanks to Iringo:).
Fun fact: I attended a workshop, where one of the tasks was to draw the cake of your roles in your life. I was sitting there, watched the others making their colourful complex cakes with many layers and things, and I felt like an UFO. My tiny hardly visible cake was built only from 3 slices: 85% volunteer, 10% flatmate, 5% newbie psychologist. After I have performed my "masterpiece" and saw the shock on others face, quickly added that I am a volunteer and this is only my second month in the country. I'm not sure if they believed it or thought I was freshly released from a psychiatry XD 

EVS on arrival training

For all the EVSers there's a welcome training course every month, where you can meet other newcomer volunteers in your hosting country. We spent an intensive week on the outskirts of Bucharest in Hotel Yesterday (in separated nice rooms aaaawww). We had a 5-day training with 2 astonishing trainers, ~35 friendly and kind volunteer colleagues from ~15 countries. We were talking about our projects, solved some team building issues, got a lot of info about EVS, learned about conflict management and how to give positive feedback, made our personal learning plans, visited the city, had an amazing and crazy intercultural night and a lot of fun together. It was very tiring but worth all the moments <>

Working again

Finally, our never-ending seemed passio with the chairs arrived at a more enjoyable phase. We found the right method to deal with them with the airbrush and were listening to our favourite music, so at the end of the month, we were ready with all the 75 double painted beauties. And with this, somehow we quicky reached December.

Your gift, cause you're here :D I woke up like this in the hotel (too). Problem? :D

Bátor Tábor

Hatvan, Hungary

EVS On Arrival Training

Bucharest, Romania

Chairs :D

Sovata, Transylvania