Belső útkeresésem fizikai manifesztációja: EVS Szovátán

The physical manifestation of searching my way: EVS at Sovata


The crazy combo of hard work and great fun continued in February too. Two skicamps and an international program in a row were ont he menu. At the end I had some time to visit Cluj again at least.

The second round of the skicamps seemed a bit more easy, since we had the experience of the previous weeks. For example the checklist of the morning rutine was in my head in romanian as well: capac (hat), manusi (gloves), cască (helmet), sandviș (sandwich), apă (water), ceai (tea). As well as some instructions i was yelling most of the time: dreapta (right), la stânga (to left), acolo (there), sus (up), jos (down) and stai aici (stay here). Also I was able to help the instructor to correct the movements of the kids, hold the warm up session that nobody wanted to, or accompany them in the front of the snail. And yes, at that point I felt a life goal have been achieved.
We have closed the ski season at OBRO with a last big Just Dance party, and started a new kind of program.

Youth arrived from an american school from Saud Arabia to experience the Outward Bound spirit. This was a private program for 10th graders in order to experience something really challenging out of their comfort zone. They tried out the ropes course, did snowshoe hiking, and a lot of problem solving games, but they overcame all the obstacles and returned with many nice learning points and conclusions.

Since im smart as hell, I went to Cluj with the bus that took them to the airport, so I had 2 days to feel the freedom and the city life again, before I returned to Sovata. 

You wont believeit, but as a closing of the month I had some free days in a row!!! And surprisingly many more in the next one…