Belső útkeresésem fizikai manifesztációja: EVS Szovátán

The physical manifestation of searching my way: EVS at Sovata


After the business of the first two month, March was nice and calm. At the end of approximately 2 weeks of break when Marie introduced Netflix to me – so I was cooking and watching series a lot - we finally visited a few EVS friends. We went to Sighisoara to visit Nada Mari and Mariam, and spent there 2 days. It was very nice to see these girls again and also a lot of others we forgot that they are living there too. We discussed how our EVS is going and how culeless we are abut the future after EVS – which is thanks God still far away-, visited this small city unique and colourful old town, and went out for a party.

Returned back to Sovata we strated to help again around the Youth Center with gardening and organizing the equipment.

On the 15th of March the first weekend of instructors have been held. All the active instructors and assistants who managed to come gathered for the weekend, in order to refresh their technical knowledge before the season starts. It was a great opportunity for me and Marie to build our non existence knowledge in this area, so we have learned a lot. Ont he arrival day we had a small workshop about Sovata and the sorrunding areas – we usually tell a few words about these tot he participants on programs -, then we were reviewing the safety manual. It was a bit boring for me, since I didnt have the experience about the programs, but was quite informative at the same time. Meanwhile during the day all of us were busy with paying attention ont he correct and safe implementation of the activities in the ropes course, during the evenings we were playing board games and other small activities. The atmosphere was really nice, and the whole gathering was a team building event itself as well. We ended the program on Sunday with Ilu néni’s (lady Ilu’s) amazing Papanași (home made donought with quark in the doe and bluberry sause with sour cream on top) as a dessert after lucnh.

A few days later a new program (to me) started: the teacher training called Academy of Experience. We were lucky with Marie again and had the chance to halway participate halfway learn the method how to hold a training. We had a really nice group of enthusiastic and friendly teachers and learned a lot of new exercises and games.

Well equipped with great fun on the 24th of March we travelled to Poiana Brasov for the Mid Term Evaluation of our EVS. We expected that we will have a few nights out in bars at Brasov like we had at the On Arrival training in Bucharest, but this time this program was more about evaluation and self focused than team building and fun activities together. To compensate this we were living in enormous big apartments sorrunded by peace and nature on a mountain not so far from a ski area, so unexpectedly we have seen some snow as well. Of course it didn’t mean that we were not creative enough to find the opportunity how to hold big apartment parties – unfortunately against the house rules… It was really nice to meet our „old” EVS friends (from the fantastic On Arrival Training -yesss, we organised it like that on purpose yeeey) go t to know some new ones (maan, we were around 80 ppl there!), and gather a lot of sunny cloudy and AHA moments, memories together from our projects and everything in connection with our EVS. It was a nice opportunity to ventilate about the difficulties and share feeling about similar situations, or just to know that your problems are not unique, and a lot of other EVSers feels the same. And last but not least it was a nice opportunity to realise, that our organisation treat us really good compared to some other ones..

After eating constantly like pigs for 3 days we closed the month with a 15km long hike to Siklódkő in order to check a part of the track for the next Charpatian Adventure which will be held in August.